About me.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

This is not your usual About Me page, but I’m sharing here five things about me that aren’t very common knowledge. These include things I’m not very comfortable publishing, but I’m hoping getting them out there will, in some strange way, take a small bit of the load off me.

1. I take medication for my mental health.

This is something I’m not eager to admit. Seeing local TV personality Matt Chisholm talk about his struggles with mental health makes it seem… acceptable to be more open about this.

I hate it. Despite the compassion and reassurance from media personalities and health professionals that it’s an okay thing to do, I still don’t like it. Even if it is irrational, I feel weak and defective because of it. I’ve never gotten into drugs or alcohol, as having substances alter my mental state is something I’m not a fan of.

But since I lost my Dad earlier this year I just haven’t been coping very well. Functioning day-to-day can be a huge challenge, and going against the advice of my doctor would only make it worse.

2. I hate printed stuff on clothing.

This is an odd one. None of my clothes feature writing or graphics printed on them, unless it’s something that was given to me. I don’t like being a walking sign, whether it’s for a clothing brand’s logo or some quirky slogan on a t-shirt. Also, the feeling of screen printing on fabric is uncomfortable.

3. I am very poorly traveled.

The total area that I’ve traveled over in the past 10 years:

travel. It's the bit in red. Look closer.

Before that, the distance wasn’t much further than a few family holidays three hours drive away from the small town I live in. It’s not that I don’t want to travel, but between being very introverted in nature and looking after my father for many years, the opportunity never came up. Due to my work being on a very casual basis right now, I doubt I’ll have the means to go on epic long distance voyages any time soon. Besides, I wouldn’t want to travel for whimsical reasons. I’m not a tourist.

4. I’d rather walk than drive.

Driving is tedious. While I do it as required, if there is an option to walk I’d much rather do that. If I need something from the supermarket or have an errand to run, I’ll strap my boots on and march there under my own power. It saves money and saves the planet!

5. I have Asperger syndrome.

I hate admitting this, mainly because I’m not a fan of giving people labels. I was diagnosed in my late teens, soon after leaving school. I think my parents were relieved that there was an actual reason as to why I was so… weird.

If you’re interested in what this is all about, the Wikipedia article here is generally relatable to me. It’s not at all fun, but I like to think I’m used to it. Things people do without thinking, like most social interactions, are things I’ve had to focus on learning how to do properly.

I’m still not good at it. It’s probably one of many reasons as to why I’ve been struggling to find employment. It’s a bit upsetting, but I understand.