I got Tonsillitis

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

I came back from training in Auckland last week feeling awful - sweaty, sore, weak and disoriented. It had been slowly escalating during the week, but after my flight back it was destroying me.

I got home and then went to the after hours doctor, who very quickly diagnosed me with tonsillitis. He got me to use my phone to take a photo of the back of my throat and I could see an inflamed area of welting flesh weeping pus.

I’m on a double dose of antibiotics to kill whatever is doing this to me. They’re knocking me about! The doctor warned me they would. After 3 days I’m finally able to get a solid bit of sleep, so stuff is definitely improving.

It’s very inconvenient too! After my time training at the office I was feeling very eager to get back out in the field for work, but instead it’s been a week of being sweaty and exhausted (In a bad way!).

In other news, the house stuff is all done. My lawyer agreed to meet over Zoom to sign and finalize stuff - a big help, as there is no way I could do an in person meeting.

It feels good to finally have that all behind me. I’m excited! Optimistic! Looking forward to moving forward. When I’m feeling better, at least. Right now being optimistic is hoping I’ll sleep all night without waking up sore and sweaty.