When I get that feeling

Monday, July 12, 2021

It's been a little slow at work these past few weeks. I've had a few early starts, but other than that I've generally been home by about 7pm. It's unsettling! When work gets intense I can be out until close to midnight, but when there are no urgent calls coming in I just sit around at home… waiting.

I find it difficult to do stuff when I'm on call like this. Can I bake? Watch a movie? Learn a new dance? Not really, if a priority one call comes in I've normally got to be out the door in 10 minutes just to meet resolution targets.

I dance far worse than I sing, so it's a very scary thought.

To be honest? While I'm single and alone I'd rather be working long hours than just loafing about at home. I just feel way less productive and accomplished when I'm sitting around home "relaxing" when I could be out there earning cash and fixing stuff!

And I love complaining about how much I work. I inherited my love of complaining from my Dad, so at this point it's a tradition.

My Instagram is still banned. I got suspended as someone reported me as an imposter. I think they were just jealous of my… wild and exciting life? Nope, maybe not that. It sucks, I liked posting my bad singing and torturing all the people following me! I've done the appeal process to try and get it back, but given how these companies work I'm not holding out hope.

But hey, to make up for it I put this on my dating profile.

How the hell am I still single?!

It kind of worked? Some match with me and ask "What's up with that video?!" Others find it funny. Either way? It's something unique!

Right! Out the door at 6am tomorrow. I have to get to site for a scheduled job, but want to participate in the weekly meeting for work. Only way to make it fit is to leave very early, then sit in the car tuning into the exciting meeting from my phone.

Shit it's going to be cold!