A Neurotypical Bed

Sunday, September 26, 2021

After long shipping delays, it finally arrived.

New Bed. Comfortable to the extreme.

Yes! Brand new bed, now with significantly less cat urine smell. It’s incredibly comfortable. I should have done this many moons ago.

I’ve been accused of being cheap, mega super cheap - and, while that has its benefits, it needs to have limits! I work hard enough and have a damn good job, so I need to be happy to throw funds at stuff to make my existence more… better. More comfortable!

I need to get around to paying someone to decorate and overhaul my house. I would trust the choices of someone with much better artistic flair than me. Based on my experience I just suck at choosing colours and styles.

New Bed. But I make a start!

And work? Work is good. Lately it’s been a lot of scheduled projects and new installs. It’s kind of nice to know exactly what I’m doing the next day when I go to bed at night, rather than being at the whim of whatever machine happens to break down on any given day.

Having a company car is the best. It’s expressly allowed to be for personal use, without limits! In the pitch to me coming over to a full time employee my boss even said that if I want to joy ride around the country on a holiday, all my fuel and vehicle expenses are covered. I’m due for four new tyres, and all I have to do is drop the car off at the tyre shop for an hour.

And having a nice and comfortable car is very useful, because I do a lot of driving. I’ve had this Subaru Outback White Tiger since June 20, and I’ve put close to 35,000 kilometers on the clock, putting me over 2,000 kilometers a week on average! My job is driving, with a little bit of engineering in the middle.

And on that, I've finally listed the old Green Mazda. Buy it! It’s a good deal. I don’t want to keep a personal car around, it’ll never get used and it’ll just deteriorate.

Finally, a good friend of mine has put a word into my head - neurotypical.

I’m not neurotypical, not at all! At my friend’s suggestion, I took a very in depth online quiz to try and evaluate better just where I sit on this spectrum. Try it for yourself!

I hate these labels.

New Bed. What a... horrible shape.

After taking this “Aspie Quiz”, It turns out I’m extremely Aspie and not very neurotypical - AKA normal. That little bump in the chart seems to indicate I swing most towards neurotypicality when it comes to relationships. That’s odd, I suck at relationships! But then again, I suspect it might just be optimistic and wishful thinking while I was taking the quiz. I’m not good at evaluating myself, no matter how hard I try to imagine how I come off from an observer's perspective.

Besides, all that damn relationship stuff is on the back burner. I just don’t have much of a desire for it, at least not right now. I’ve got friends, family and even work, and they all feel way more important to me.